Dr. R. Padmanaban

Dr. R. Padmanaban

Senior Consultant

Designation : Senior Consultant

Qualification : MBBS., MD., DM.,

Years of exp : 34 Years in Nephrologist
25 Years as Professor in Nephrology in India & Abroad.
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High Quality Nephrology services at Affordable cost with “ Patient at the centre” approach. Is the Mantra of I follow.

Research & Publication:
Suganya M, Jayaprakash V, Duraimavalavan VM, George MG, Padmanabhan R, Sreedhar S. Management of a newly diagnosed case of myeloma kidney in a recently COVID-19 recovered patient.J Renal Inj Prev. 2022;
11(x): x-x doi: 10.34172/jrip.2022.xx

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Languages spoken: English, Tamil

Awards and Achievements:

Won Gold medal two times for Presenting Best scientific paper in ISNSCCON 1989 & 90
Best Poster award in Asia pacific congress of nephrology in 1994.
Held the posts of President Indian society of nephrology(southern chapter0 and Vice-President of Indian society of nephrology
“0 by 25 – AKI Global Initiative” participation.
Published “ First Case report of “LCAT deficiency in CKD” from India.
Consensus committee member of “Management of Hypertension in CKD”