—Central Laboratory


Clinical laboratory attached to every hospital plays a vital role in the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of patients. In the era of evidence based practice of medicine, laboratory evaluation of the patient plays a major role in the establishment of diagnosis. Hence, laboratory diagnosis has achieved a prominent place in medical services and therefore lab services form an integral part of health care delivery.


Biochemistry is one of the important branches of laboratory science which analyzes several micro and macro molecules, enzymes, hormones and other metabolites circulating in blood, plasma and other body fluids.

Laboratory diagnosis has gained rapid expansion and tremendous importance in today‘s practice of Medicine.

Description of the Biochemistry laboratory


The laboratory gives utmost importance in producing reliable results by maintaining precision and accuracy as per the recommendations set by Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA). The Department employs extensive quality control measures to achieve desirable status in precision and accuracy. Our participation in Bio-Rad external quality assurance (EQAS) program enables comparison of the lab performance with global standards.


The Department works 24×7 and is equipped with state of the art Auto-analyzers that are interfaced with the Hospital Information system. The samples are scanned by dedicated barcode scanner and processed in two fully automated Beckman Coulter AU480 analyzers to quantify all basic Chemistry analytes including enzymes and emergency cardiac markers.

Two Bio-Rad D10 analyzers are available to analyze HbA1c based on HPLC method. VITROS hormone analyzer was procured to estimate thyroid hormone levels and other hormones/tumour markers based on the advance technique of Enhanced Chemiluminescence.

Biochemistry Services;

Under routine chemistry, several profile tests such as Lipid profile, Diabetic profile, Cardiac profile, Renal profile, Liver function tests and Electrolytes are routinely done.

Dedicated Staff

The 24 x 7 laboratory is manned by well trained and experienced technologists working in shifts to provide round the clock service to the patients. The laboratory personnel are supervised by Professors and Assistant Professors to ensure prompt and immediate release of accurate results to speed up diagnosis and treatment.

  • SRM Hospital Central Laboratory – Biochemistry focuses on the quality of the results.
  • Rapid turnaround time.
  • Full diagnostic panel.
  • State of the art automated equipment which are interfaced with the Hospital Information System.
  • Timely updating of results in the Hospital Information System.
  • E-signature on reports.



The department of pathology forms an unenviable weapon in the diagnostic armamentarium of the Central-laboratory, located at the fulcrum of the hospital, it is accessible to the clinicians and patients alike.

Working 24 hours all through the year, the Pathology unit has the unique and coordinate services of the faculty including professors; post graduate, tutors and well versed technicians.

The range of investigations included .

  • Clinical pathology
  • Hematology
  • Exfoliative Cytology
  • Fine needle aspiration cytology
  • Ultra sound guided aspiration
  • Body fluids
  • Histo Pathology
  • Frozen section
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Immunofluorescence

These are well backed with latest instruments and gadgets such as. .

  • Hematology auto analyzer
  • Automated equipments for coagulation profile’ ESR etc’
  • Cryostat for frozen section
  • Automated tissue Processor
  • Automated slide stainer

The department is patient and student friendly and leaves no stone unturned to maintain.

  • TAT
  • HIS
  • Quality control (IQUAS, EQUAS’ ILC)
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Critical review
  • Participation in Tumour Board
  • Research works for departmental as well as university research scholars’ The diagnostic work of the department is integrated with the academic programs of the clinical departments and is reflected in the research work, clinical society meeting, conferences and Publications.




Microbiology division of Central laboratory in SRM Medical college Hospital was established since the start of services for handling the infectious disease diagnostic services. We strive to provide a quality service with the well standardised automations, quality reagents, strict internal and external quality assessment and control backed up by well qualified and dedicated faculty members.

Scope of Microbiology Lab

The department takes care of its patients in the area of bacteriological, parasitological, serological (including viral serology),immunological (autoimmune disease ID), mycobacterial and mycological investigations.Culture and antimicrobial susceptibility testing is offered for bacterial and fungal infection. Advanced identification of microbes is available. We offer services to diagnose – Dengue, Leptospirosis, Enteric fever, blood borne viral infection panel (HIV,HBV,HCV,SYPHILIS), bacterial & parasitic diarrhoeal diseases, mycobacterial disease(TB & Leprosy), all other bacterial & fungal infections.

Special Equipments





Highly sensitive assay to detect blood

borne viral infection panel

(HIV,HBV,HCV) within 6 hours




Molecular detection of Tuberculosis along with Rifampicin resistance determination within four hours




Automated blood culture to avoid contamination due to unnecessary manipulation with early and accurate detection of septicaemia and bacteremia




Analysis of parasites in stool sample and soil testing through image mapping




For detection of Autoimmune pathology and Fluorochrome staining of TB bacteria




For antigen and antibody detection of variety of infectious disease like Dengue, etc.

Our laboratory is mapped under NIKSHAY program of NETP, Government of India. Parasitology division is mapped under Swachatha Scheme


Department of microbiology organizes several workshops, CME and conferences. Microbiology faculties take part in many international/national workshops and conferences, presenting papers and bringing in very valuable technical knowledge. Faculties are members of professional organizations like Indian Medical Association, Indian Association of Medical Microbiologist, Indian Association of Tropical Parasitology, National Tuberculosis Eradication Program, Forum for Ethics Review Committee in India. Department is a part of Hospital Infection control committee.


Several research projects are routinely undertaken in the department. This helps in Constant up-gradation and introduction of new tests and methods to meet the demands. This also contributes to our faculty & student academic growth. We promote Undergraduate research activities.

Quality control

We are enrolled with External Quality Assurance schemes (EQAS) in bacteriology & serology, mycology, viro-serology, parasitology offered by Christian medical college (Vellore), PGI Chandigarh and JIPMER (puducherry). This maintains the standards of the laboratory in a National forum

We also have a well documented internal quality checks for efficient patient care delivery.