Department of Biochemistry

About Us

  • Biochemistry is the field of science that forms the foundation for understanding all biological processes. The Department of Biochemistry was started in the year 2004 to provide quality education for undergraduates and post-graduates in medical sciences; and also, to offer diagnostic services to the patients’ community.
  • The department provides a vibrant environment of interactive teaching and learning methodologies to establish a solid theoretical and practical foundation in Biochemistry.
  • The students are intensively trained with a clinical-oriented approach to provide an integrated vision of Medicine.
  • Problem-based learning modules, small group discussions, concept mapping, and flipped classroom teaching are some of the methodologies used to strengthen the concepts in Biochemistry. Encouraging students to participate in research-based activities has become a prime objective of our department. The significant outcome of the research will be beneficial for the ailing community.

Our Vision

  • To impart quality education and meet the goals set by statutory bodies to create an excellent Indian Medical Graduate
  • To provide excellent laboratory services and garner the trust of the end users by raising the standards to gain NABL accreditation
  • To encourage research for faculty and also undergraduate students

Our Mission

  • To kindle interest in basic sciences to aid in better clinical correlation and understanding of the vital concepts of disease causation by set induction, interactive classes, and simulated case-based practical approach
  • To provide highly reliable reports in the Clinical Biochemistry lab within the stipulated time in an error-free manner and also keep abreast of the latest technology
  • To promote research activities by obtaining extramural grants



  • The Department of Biochemistry is granted a contented infrastructure to favor the faculty and Student’s academic activity. Two demo rooms I and II, with a capacity to accommodate 30 and 70 students respectively, are equipped with LCD Projector and OHP Screen. Both the demo rooms are smart rooms that are utilized for CME departmental programs and Seminars.
  • The Students’ laboratory, with a capacity of 75 students, is used for practical sessions where they will be gaining experience related to Colorimeter, Flame Photometer, Chromatographic chamber, pH meters, Microscopes, Electrophoretic apparatus, and Auto pipettes.
  • The fully equipped Research laboratory, with instruments like UV Spectrophotometer, Refrigerated Centrifuges, ELISA Reader, Deep freezer (-80°C), Semi-automated chemistry analyzer, and Densitometer are available for the faculty, post-graduate students, and Ph.D. scholars to extend their research activities.
  • The Central Clinical Laboratory, its workflow, Standard Operating Procedures, and the Auto-analyzers like Beckman-Coulter and Vitros Eci, are made familiar to the students during Early Clinical Exposure sessions. The students stand to derive a global picture of comprehensive patient care besides the integrative clinical application of knowledge congruous to the first year of medical schooling.
  • Clinical laboratory with high-end equipment to analyze the blood and urine biochemical metabolites. Clinical scenario-oriented charts help in the interpretation of biochemical tests to diagnose disorders.
  • Clinical scenario-oriented charts help in the interpretation of biochemical tests to diagnose disorders.
  • Didactic lectures with PowerPoint presentations.
  • Learning Management System - LMS.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Integrated Teaching.
  • Small group teaching, giving Quiz through Zoom polls and Whatsapp polls.
  • Implementing innovative teaching modalities and methodologies much to the delight of the students. We never fail to ignite their intellectual quest.
  • Integration of various topics with clinical departments is a part of the routine curriculum where the students derive a holistic approach to the topic and its application in the clinical setup.
  • The flipped classroom model where there is a shift to a learner-centered model is regularly being followed in our department.
  • Assignments through Google Classrooms.
  • Video demonstrations.
  • Self-Directed Learning - to motivate the students to take the initiative for learning.
  • Blood collection technique is being taught to the I MBBS students using the simulation-based approach in our state-of-the-art simulation center as part of early clinical exposure.
  • Interpretation of biochemical laboratory reports to arrive at a diagnosis.
  • The MBBS students are involved in drafting and undertaking minor research projects as well as ICMR-STS projects.
  • The department library is well equipped with 115 latest editions of standard and reference textbooks.
  • Clinical laboratory with high end equipment to analyse the blood and urine biochemical metabolites.Clinical scenario oriented charts to help in interpretation of biochemical tests to diagnose disorders.
  • Clinical scenario oriented charts to help in interpretation of biochemical tests to diagnose disorders.
  • ELISA, UV Vis spectrophotometer, Electrophoresis apparatus, chromatographic equipment and refrigerated centrifuges are available in the research lab of the department.