Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics

About Us

  • Clinical nutrition and dietetics is the health care profession dealing with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of chronic diseases and conditions by the power of nutrients. A career in clinical nutrition and dietetics provides wide job opportunities as a nutritionist in pharma companies and Dietitians in hospitals and healthcare industries.
  • A career in Clinical nutrition and dietetics offers a good income, job security, with good work environment, and tremendous potential for growth.
  • The role of a Dietitian in a hospital is to assess the nutritional status of patients, screen for nutritional risks with standard protocol, and plan medical nutrition therapy.
  • The role of nutritionists is to formulate nutritional supplements with therapeutic benefits.

Our Vision

  • To establish a benchmark in the field of nutrition through evidence-based learning committed to fostering clinical practice, academic success, research, and innovation

Our Mission

  • To gain in-depth knowledge in clinical Nutrition and dietetics.
  • To assess and validate different nutritional tools and set standards through research.
  • To train students to prevent, diagnose, support, and treat ailments through ethical practice.
  • To impart knowledge and skills in preparing for an interdisciplinary environment.
  • To instill the research practice to students in the field of clinical nutrition.


  • Smart class rooms - 3
  • Class room - 1
  • Food lab - 1
  • Nutrition lab - 1
  • Staff room - 1
  • Research scholar room - 1
  • Diet Department 1
  • Experiments to understand the concepts and techniques
  • Menu plan and nutrient calculation for disease conditions
  • Clinical assessment of patients and Patient counseling
  • Demonstration and case study on enteral parenteral nutrition support
  • Field visit to understand the nutritional status of the population
  • Conducting Group activities