Department of Optometry

About Us

  • Optometry is a health care profession dealing with vision, ocular health, and visual information processing in humans. Optometry is a dynamic and challenging profession that provides unlimited career opportunities.
  • A career in optometry offers a good income, tremendous potential for growth, job security, and a good work environment.
  • An optometrist is an independent primary eye care professional who performs comprehensive eye examination, diagnosis and management of disorders of the visual/ocular system.
  • The types of treatment offered by optometrists are: prescribing glasses, contact lenses and low vision aids, binocular vision therapy/ treatment, and rehabilitation of the visually impaired.

Our Vision

  • To impart in-depth knowledge and skill in optometry to the students to make them competent in primary eye care practice as an optometrist.
  • To develop skills and competence in utilizing various Optometry techniques and modalities in assessment of patients, clinical diagnosis & management.
  • To imbibe proper moral and ethical standards in the practice of Optometry.

Our Mission


  • Two lecture halls
  • One demonstration room
  • Five clinical skill labs
  • One specialty clinic lab
  • One optics lab
  • One faculty cum office room
  • One PG/Faculty room
  • Comprehensive Optometric Clinic
  • Orthoptics evaluations
  • Low vision assessment
  • Contact lens assessment & fitting
  • Vision Therapy
  • Digital eye syndrome/ Computer Vision syndrome management
  • Neuro-optometry assessment
  • Visual Perception Laboratory
  • Community Optometry
  • Videos and hands-on demonstration
  • Role-play, quiz and other student-centered activities (Ex: cross-word puzzle, dumb charades etc.,)
  • Model making
  • Experiments to understand basic concepts
  • Mini projects on visual task analysis in different occupations
  • Field visits to teach the concepts of lens manufacturing
  • Group activities
  • Established IACLE Resource Centre (from Australia) since 2015