Department of Physiotherapy

About Us

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree in SRM College of Physiotherapy was started in the year 1993, under The Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University. In the year 1999, Master of Physiotherapy was started under.
  • The Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University. In the year 2005, the SRM College of Physiotherapy has been brought under the ambit of SRM Institute of Science & Technology (MHRD NO. F 9 – 47/2004 – U.3, dated 28 January 2005).
  • The Institution is headed by Prof. T. S. Veeragoudhaman, Dean with well-qualified and experienced faculty members. The head of the Institution and the faculty members work effectively as a team.
  • The strongly bonded team delivers high standard of care, learning new skills from other team members by working together and off each other.
  • The ability to move is as vital as life. No one knows this better than those specially trained by the SRM College of Physiotherapy.
  • With an active involvement in the community, students’ skills are enhanced to study or even rehabilitate the movement of others.
  • The College of Physiotherapy has an experienced faculty team that specializes in orthopaedics, sports physiotherapy, neurology, paediatrics, biomechanics, cardiopulmonary sciences, hand rehabilitation, community rehabilitation, and obstetrics and gynaecology.
  • Emphasis on interactive learning ensures that every student gains an interest in the science of physical movement and participates wholeheartedly in the theoretical and clinical sessions.

Our Vision

  • To emerge as a World class centre of excellence in imparting Physiotherapy Education and providing a comprehensive training by developing the intellectual strengths of students.
  • And guiding them towards scientific excellence that will promote advanced research and high-quality patient care for the betterment of mankind.

Our Mission

  • DEVELOP positive learning community, to provide high levels of skill based training and professional attitude among students.
  • ENCOURAGE evidence-based management in treatment of patients and to meet health care need of the society.
  • EQUIP physiotherapists to exercise leadership for making contribution in their respective discipline.



The SRM College of Physiotherapy has all necessary infrastructure facilities viz. spacious classrooms with adequate seating capacity, AV aids and wi fi facilities. Recently Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) syllabus is incorporated for both undergraduate and post graduate studies. It is an instructional package developed to suit the needs of students to keep pace with the developments in higher education and the quality assurance expected of it in the light of liberalization and globalization in higher education. Innovative teaching learning methods are incorporated.

  • Exercise Therapy Lab
  • Electro Therapy Lab
  • Post Graduate Research Lab
  • Cardio respiratory and Neurology Lab
  • Paediatrics Lab
  • Community Lab



  • Adequate Lecture Halls equipped with OHPS / AV aids, free wifi facility, comfortable seating arrangement for the students are provided.

Exercise Therapy Lab

  • Spacious lab where the students perform practical demonstration of various exercises. The lab is used for various research purposes.

Electro Therapy Lab

  • Spacious lab where the students perform practical demonstration of various conditions with the therapeutic electrotherapy equipments. The lab is used for various research purposes.

Post Graduate Research Lab

  • It is extensively used for hands on training and research purposes of post graduate students. It possesses the latest equipments for the faculty members and students to pursue research activities like EMG, NCV, PFT, Treadmill, LASER, Pressure Biofeed Back, Cryo/cuff IC Aircast, Pelvic models, Respiratory Muscle Trainer, Pelvic Floor Muscle Exerciser etc., Specific Post graduate labs for different specialities are available namely
  • Musculoskeletal, Sports, Biomechanics lab
  • Cardiology & Neurology lab
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology lab
  • Pediatrics Lab
  • Community lab


  • The students who are looking for guidance and references, or simply for a casual read, the library provides the perfect environment. They will enjoy perusing the vast collection of books and multimedia, CDs. The library also subscribes around 50 Indian and International journals. The library provides with free access to various weblinks like Clinical key, coursesra, medline, datastarweb, ebesco, nature, science direct, springer link which opens up another world of information. Free access to databases like Scopus,medline, Plagiarism database to enhance quality research work.
  • Other Facilities like food court, Super market, WIFI, Bank, ATM, gym, prayer halls, etc., are available within the campus.
  • Blended teaching
  • Simulated teaching
  • Hybrid teaching
  • Online teaching
  • Flip classroom
  • Topic discussions
  • Case presentations
  • Journal club
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Creating models for teaching
  • Bedside teaching
  • On field sports injury management
  • Panel discussions
  • Seminar
  • Quiz programmes
  • Mini Projects
  • Guest lectures
  • Online sources
  • Online courses like MOOC, SWAYAM, NPTEL
  • Industrial visits
  • Simulated teaching

Department library

  • Departmental Library contains a collection of completed Undergraduate and Postgraduate Dissertations for reference. Apart from its collection of books, projects it has a collection of e-books for student reference.

Other learning resources in the Department

  • Free access to weblinks like Clinical key, coursera, medline, datastarweb, ebesco, nature, science direct, springer link.
  • Free access to databases like Scopus, medline, Plagiarism database
  • Online courses like MOOC, SWAYAM, NPTEL
  • Simulation lab
  • Interdepartmental collaboration for teaching learning purpose
  • Clinical training in SRM Medical College Hospital & Research center and tie up hospitals
  • Industrial visits
  • Participation in Cocurricular activities organized by our institution and other institutions