Dr. Aishwarya T

Dr. Aishwarya T

Assistant Professor

A dedicated ophthalmologist with a passion for excellence in patient care, surgical innovation, and academic pursuits.

Educational Qualification

  • MBBS – Karpaga Vinayaga institute of medical sciences and research centre
  • Masters in Ophthalmology from Govt. Stanley Medical College Chennai 


  • Assistant Professor in Ophthalmology Nov’2023 – Present SRM Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, Senior Resident in Ophthalmology Aug’2023 - Oct’2023 SRM Medical College Hospital & Research Centre,
  • Assistant Surgeon Jan’2023 - July’2023 Govt. Urban Primary Health Centre, Uthiramerur Kancheepuram district.
  • Senior Resident in Ophthalmology July’2022 - Jan’2023 SRM Medical College Hospital & Research Centre
  • Visiting Consultant Apr’ 2022- July’2022 Vasan Eye Care, Chennai
  • Senior Resident in Ophthalmology Jun’2021-Mar’2022 Govt. Stanley Medical college and hospital
  • Junior Resident in Ophthalmology May 2018- May 2021 Govt. Stanley Medical college and hospital


  • Her expertise extends to the art of cataract surgery, lasers, and OPD management.
  • In addition to her clinical commitments, Dr.Aishwarya is actively involved in teaching and mentoring the next generation of ophthalmologists at SRM Medical College by instilling in them the values of empathy, professionalism, and lifelong learning.
  • Overseeing postgraduate programs and managing coordination and implementation of NAAC-related activities and accreditation procedures.

Awards and achievements

  • Prof Dr. S. Ramaiah Endowment Award – Best Case Presentation at Thanjavur Medical College
  • TNOA Paper Presentation titled “ Behaviour of meibomian gland function and tear film stability in various phases of menstrual cycle”


  • A Study on Tear Film production and drainage in women with dysfunctional uterine bleeding – Paripex, Indian Journal of Research
  • A comparative study relating water drinking test and intraocular pressure in different age groups. – Paripex, Indian Journal of Research