Dr.Dhruva Nandi

Dr.Dhruva Nandi

Research Associate

Dr. Dhruva Nandi completed his bachelor’s degree as a dental surgeon from Indraprastha Dental College and Hospital, Delhi in 2017. He did his post-graduation in Public Health (MPH) in 2021 from Amity Institute of Public Health, Amity University, Noida, Uttar Pradesh. He has worked as a research assistant in Apollo Hospital, Delhi in an ICMR funded project. Dr. Dhruva Nandi has recently joined the Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences, SRM Institute of Science & Technology, Kattankulathur campus research associate where he will collaborate with clinicians and research scientists and focus on clinical as well as public health research. His areas of interest are Infectious diseases, epidemiology, women and men sexual health literacy, health management and welfare for LGBTQ+ community in India.

Campus: Allied Health Sciences, Medicine & Health Sciences, Kattankulathur - Chennai

Original Research Article

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