Mr.Krishnamoorthy M

Mr.Krishnamoorthy M

Assistant Professor

Name: Mr.Krishnamoorthy.M

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: B.Sc. Psychology, MSc Psychology, M.Phil in Clinical Psychology

Experience: 1. Worked as a Clinical Psychologist cum Assistant Prof of Psychiatry Karpaga vinayaga Institute of Medical science,
                              Chinakolambakkam, Madhuranthagam Chengalpattu.
                           2. Worked as a Clinical psychologist in Aashiana psychiatric Hospital, Annanagar, Chennai.
                           3. Worked as a Clinical Psychologist in 104 Government Health helpline, DMS campus Thenampet, Chennai.
                           4. Worked as a consultant Clinical psychologist in SPARC Psychiatric clinic, Chennai.
                           5. Worked as a Clinical Psychologist in Shri Balaji Medical College & Hospital Chennai from 2012 January to 2014 September.
                           6. Worked as a Clinical psychologist in AATHMA Institute of mental Health, in 2011 Trichirapalli.
                           7. Worked as a Rehabilitation officer in NASEEMA Institute of speech and Hearing, in 2007 Bangalore.
                           8. Worked as a project co-ordinator “Home based care for HIV affected children in 2 2006 Erode.
                           9. Worked as Research assistant in ICMR project “Tsunami affected coastal areas of Tamilnadu”in 2005 Nagapattinam.

Specialty: Clinical Psychology

Area of interest: De-addiction

Achievements & Awards: 1. Achieved the BEST EMPLOYEE AWARD by Government of Tamilnadu during flood affected in Chennai in 2015.
                                                       2. Achieved the BEST COUNSELLOR AWARD in 2015 by Government of Tamilnadu from Health minister in 2015.