Assistant Professor

Name: Ms. Priyadharisini K.

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Sc. ASLP

Experience: 10 Years and 6 Months

Specialty: Audiology & Speech Language Pathology

Area of Interest: Neuroscience of Audiology, Diagnostic Audiology, Multiple disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Digital Signal Processing, Speech Perception.

Achievements and Awards:

  • Oral paper titled “An alternate model to speed up the process of aural habilitation in India” presented at National convention of educators of the deaf. NCED- India, was awarded Best paper under the Best Innovative paper category.
  • Poster paper titled “Development of culture specific language stimulation cards” presented at RAAM, CD- India, was awarded second prize under Best scientific paper category  (Guided)

Achievement -
Author of book published by NIPEMD "Developing Communication- An activity
Book" ISBN : 978-81-928032-4-1.
This is an RCI syllabus recommended reference book for B.ASLP Semester IV, B.4.2.