Department of Intensive Medical Critical Care is to deliver state of the art medical care around-the-clock, multidisciplinary, compassionate, tertiary and quaternary care to critically ill patients in our ICUs which emphasizes a team-based approach to patient care.

Critical care doctors lead a team of experienced professionals, which includes Consultants, Chief doctor, Intensivists, Resident physicians, Critical care trained nurses, Physician Assistants, Respiratory therapists, Physiotherapist and Occupational therapists, Speech and Language therapists, Nutrition specialists and 24hours Ambulance service with Life support devices.

Our critical care doctors treat patients who need advanced medical critical care. The most seriously ill patients are cared by the team of critical care specialists, these experts provide specialized care for people who have experienced major critical medical needs. The full spectrum of critical care services is provided by doctors and other medical professionals specially trained in critical care (intensivists) who are present in ICU 24 x 7 round the clock

SRM MEDICAL COLLEGE HOSPITAL & RC Medical Critical care doctors also work closely with doctors from many specialties, including Anesthesiology Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, Cardiovascular Surgery, Neurosurgery, Neurology, Nephrology, General Surgery and other super specialities. Together, the team provides high-quality and safe critical care in ICU

SRM MEDICAL COLLEGE HOSPITAL & RC Medical Critical care provide a full range of speciality-specific services with 6 bedded RICU, 11 bedded IMC, 2 bedded Stepdown ICU and 1 bedded Isolation ICU ,which includes emergency medical management with advanced cardiovascular and haemodynamic monitory and early stability with mechanical ventilatory and circulatory support and tracheostomies, Haemodialysis including SLED/ CRRT, Plasmapheresis. They care for people experiencing a range of conditions, including multisystem organ failure (such as kidney and liver failure), sepsis, respiratory failure, central nervous system crisis, cardiac arrhythmias & cardiac failure.

SRM MEDICAL COLLEGE HOSPITAL & RC ICU Nursing team is delivering high quality nursing services and providing an environment that supports professional nursing care.

Benefits of Enhanced Critical Care

Patients may experience one or more of the following program benefits:

  • Shorter hospital stays
  • Improved patient outcome
  • Fewer transfers to other facilities
  • High level of care, close monitoring and quality treatment
  • Improved patient and family satisfaction
  • Reduced cost of care