Our Clinics are equipped with over 550 electronic Kavo dental chairs that exceeds the requirement of 332. 80% of dental chairs are Kavo chairs from Germany. All our clinic are air-conditioned to provide an efficient working condition. Every student has an uninterrupted working area yet closely monitored by the faculties across all the dental specialties in every clinic. What more a patient needs minimal waiting time, consultation by all the specialist which enhances the treatment provided.


All the basic sciences department and the oral pathology department has exclusive laboratories for themselves which latest equipments. Also the preclinical laboratory is designed to be a conducive environment wherein they have their allotted phantom heads to work. We also have an exclusive 10.000 sq.ft animal house with CO2 incubator, surgical theatre etc..There are 3 major operation theatres where we perform over around 550 surgeries every year. We also have a teaching surgical microscope.

Lecture Halls

We have air-conditioned class rooms with smart board with touch on cloud systems where the writing on the board get traced on the iPad and students can also write on a independent layer. All these lectures are available to the students through out their course for them to go back to the lecture any time any day across years.


ours is a 11,000 square feet air conditioned library with 165 seats and AV hall. The library has over 6500 books and 137 international and 79 national journals. There are 1605 dissertations available in our library. Our library is OPAC compliant with institutional access to Wiley online portal and Science Direct. We also have unique journal management system that ensures easy access to all back volumes. The library has 30 computers and entire campus has Wi-fi with smart controller to facilitate learning outside the walls. all our departments are furnished with extensive museums where students have displayed their creative skills in the form of static and dynamic models.

Advanced Equipments

Every laboratory and every speciality owns advanced equipments. It ranges from CBCT machine, Carl Zeiss surgical microscope, Carl Zeiss Endodontic microscope, Lasers, FACCAD orthodontic planning software, Conscious sedation, Peizo electric surgical unit, CAD-CAM, BPS unit, 3D Printer, Digital smile designing software, Hard tissue microtome, frozen sectioning unit, linear accelerator, T-scan and so on…..


The APJ. ABDUL KALAM hostel of SRM MEDICAL COLLEGE is a modern and well-equipped accommodation option for students. The hostel is a ground plus fifteen-floor building that offers 262 rooms, all of which are furnished and equipped with modern amenities. The hostel offers both AC and non-AC accommodation options to suit the needs of different students. The rooms are available in single and double occupancy, depending on availability.

One of the key features of the hostel is its online payment system through ERP. This makes it easy for students to make payments and manage their accommodation expenses. The hostel also has a well-equipped gym that students can use to stay fit and healthy. High-speed Wi-Fi is available throughout the hostel, ensuring that students can stay connected and work efficiently.

The hostel also provides hot water 24/7, so students can enjoy hot showers at any time. A reading room is available for students who want to study and read in a quiet and peaceful environment. The visitors hall is also available for students to receive guests and visitors.

24-hour supervision is provided to address any problems that students may face. The hostel mess serves hygienic food and offers a variety of food items to cater to the diversity of students. The mess is open at all hours, so students can enjoy meals at any time.

Overall, the hostel offers a comfortable, safe and convenient accommodation option for students. With its modern amenities and 24-hour supervision, it provides a great home away from home for students.


We have around 80 air-conditioned buses for our students across Chennai due to the tropical weather. They cover over 100kms radius from the institution across Chennai.


Food is an important component for anybody and our students have 7 cafeteria within the campus and are provide with smart cards. Ours is the first institution to introduce an alacarte based smart mess. Students can choose anywhere across these places to swap and have their hearts content. They serve everything possible from pastries to biriyani.

Seminar Halls

Our institution has a separate seminar hall for all the speciality department with a capacity of 40 students. They are also air-conditioned and have smart boards. Here is where their oratorial skill is horned. They have their seminars, journal discussions and other academic discussion in these hall with their faculty.

Convention Centre

A 1200 seater air-conditioned giant convention center with a 70 feet arena. Any speaker on stage will be able visualise the audience in the entire hall and vice versa. There is AV aids, power back up, dinning area for the same capacity, greens room and what not to be a convention center of international standards.

Research Facilities

We have 3 major thrust areas of research namely Oral cancer, Material science, Molecular biology which resulted in 5 centre of excellence, Dental Research Cell, Oral Cancer Centre, Implant Tessellation Centre and Microendodontic Centre. Our basic medical sciences department do a lot of research in their respective fields related to dentistry in these centres using the above mentioned facilities and equipments. We do allow external scholars to work in our research labs, obtain our research expertise,they can stay in our guest house and complete their projects.

MAX FAX Building

Our institution holds a record of screening 1,00,000 for oral cancer. We have Oral Cancer Centre which has surgical oncologist with expertise in oral and maxillofacial reconstruction also. Ours is the first dental college in India to have linear accelerator in collaboration with Rai CBCC. There is an active tumour board which has members from Oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Oral Radiologist ,Surgical Oncologist, Medical Oncologist, Radiation Oncologist, General Surgeon to a Psychologist. This helps the patient have the entire course of treatment in the same campus without having the chaos of moving to places for different treatment modalities.

Sports Facilities

We not only look for academic fitness but also for physical fitness. We have a air-conditioned gymnasia with trainers, both faculty and students can join the gym. We do have a basket ball court and foodball field surrounded by gallery.

IT Facilities

Our is one of the most technology savvy campus in the country. We are the first institution to deploy iPads for our Dental Hospital; Management System (DHIS). The software is compliant as per the guidelines laid by the Ministry of Health and Medical Council of India. This system maintains the patients record, students academic record.

Our Touch on Cloud (TOC) software creates a electronic shared board space where students and staffs can write on. It eliminated the need of taking notes by the students. This holds the students attendance and feedback as well.

Being a part of the National Knowledge Network (NKN) which provides ! GBPS bandwidth for inter institutional use. Our university is the largest consumer of internet bandwidth in South India.

Medical Education Unit

The Medical Education Unit(MEU) was established in 2006. The main objectives of the MEU are to impart training to the faculty of medicine on Medical education Technology through its core members trained in Advance Course Medical Education(ACME). The MEU ensures continuous improvements in planning, implementation and evaluation of teaching learning process in alignment with National Medical Council of India new competency Based Medical Education(CBME) in Undergraduates and Postgraduates curriculum through Curriculum implementation committee. Through capacity development of faculties of medicine, the medical college has successfully implemented Foundation course, Early clinical exposure, Family adoption programs, Longitudinal patient care, Problem base and Case based learning during bedside teaching and through simulation centre, electives and vertical and horizontal integrated teaching and flipped class in Undergraduate curriculum.Read More…