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IMPULSE 2024 Shines at SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre

A Day of Intellectual Exchange and Artistic Expression, SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre were abuzz with excitement as it organized Impulse 2024, an intercollegiate competition designed to challenge and inspire young medical minds on 9th May 2024.

The event fostered an atmosphere of intellectual exchange and friendly competition, manifesting the talents and knowledge of aspiring medical professionals.
Chief Guest:
Dr. Joy Varghese, M.D. (Gen. Med), D.M. (Gastro), PhD, Fellowship in Liver Transplantation (Germany).

The event was graced with the presence of,
➔ Dr. Nitin M. Nagarkar, Dean (Medical), SRMMCH&RC
➔ Prof. Dr. K.V. Leela, Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies), SRMMCH&RC
➔ Dr. M. Logaraj, Associate Dean (Quality Assurance), SRMMCH&RC
➔ Dr. V. Sathyanarayanan, Associate (Student Affairs), SRMMCH&RC

The day began with a registration session, followed by a rigorous preliminary quiz round that set the stage for intense competition. Participants then showcased their knowledge and research in a symposium, presenting their findings to a panel of judges. Clinical case presentations and research poster presentations provided platforms for in-depth exploration of medical cases and cutting-edge research.

Beyond the academic challenges, Impulse 2024 offered a space for artistic expression, with a ray of events such as Rangoli making, intricate model making, and creative face painting competitions that allowed participants to display their artistic talents.

The afternoon featured the final round of the quiz competition, with five challenging rounds that kept participants and audience members on the edge of their seats. The day concluded with a valedictory ceremony celebrating the achievements of the participants. Winners were presented with prizes, and all participants received certificates of participation as mementos of their Impulse experience.

Impulse 2024 was a testament to the intellectual prowess and artistic talents of medical students, offering a day of learning, competition, and camaraderie that left a lasting impression on all who participated.