—Translational Medicine And Research (TMR)

The department of Translational Medicine and Research was started in 2015and inaugurated in July 2016 with the objectives of accelerating translational and clinical research so as to improve and impact human health in a meaningful manner.

The Mission Statement of the department is to

  • Ignite the spirit of discovery of highly charged inter-disciplinary research coupling clinical, translational and community based investigation
  • Inspire trainees and young faculty, encouraging not only scientific productivity but also dedicated translational and educational career path.
  • Integrate the efforts of the clinical and the research faculty.
  • Infrastructure and Informatics build-up to potentiate and accelerate this ambitious program.

The department is headed by a professor and includes 2 full time research scientists and 2 engineers. The major domains of research include Cell therapeutics, Drug targeting, Tissue engineering, Biomedical devices and Biomechanics.

Infrastructure in the department includes a Sterile clean room with modular work benches to undertake cell therapies, tissue engineering, cell therapeutic studies for clinical application as per the Clinical Trials Registry, India (CTRI) norms and is fully equipped with all necessary instruments and machinery. A Chemical synthesis lab (non-sterile) is also available to undertake synthesis and fabrication of biomaterials required for tissue engineering, biochemical assays, staining of tissues, drug release studies, microbiology, biomedical device projects and in silico biomechanics. Sterile lab for final fabrication and sterile processing of cell culture substrates and chemicals, sterile synthesis is also available. A 3D Printer& a dedicated tools Lab for 3D printing and rapid prototyping is installed.29

Idea Clinic

The department conducts the Idea Clinic which is an open meeting held on the last Friday of every month where students and faculties from engineering as well as clinical departments work together to find solutions. Idea clinic was started to facilitate collaboration between engineering & basic sciences with medical fraternity. Clinicians identify areas in their daily work which could benefit from a technological innovation. The engineering side and basic scientists brainstorm to solve it. Ideas or proposals at all levels are encouraged and the promising projects are supported with a seed grant from the SRMIST.

The Translational Medicine and Research Departments aims to become an independent vertical within the SRM Institute of Science and Technology ecosystem. The department will be the home of cutting edge clinical and translational research with the objective of providing answers to the important healthcare related problems. The department will enhance the reputation of the SRM Institute of Science and Technology as the home of original scientific research and the synergy created between the medical and engineering branches which will attract the brightest of students from not only India, but across Asia and the world.