Department of Anaesthesia

About Us

  • The speed and confidence of an anaesthesiologist in securing the compromised airway necessitated their services in emergency room and intensive care units, in addition to their primary role as perioperative physicians.
  • The Anaesthesiology department in SRM MCH & RC was established in the year 2005. MBBS Teaching was commenced in the year 2006 with the enrolment first batch of students, commencing participation of faculties in UG teaching.
  • From a hospital with 2 OT’s in 2004 the Department has undergone mammoth expansion with 16 State of the art modular theatres and 4 minor theatres at present.
  • The first batch of post graduates were enrolled in the year 2011 with 5 PG’s which increased to 9 PG’s right now. We started UG Allied courses in Anaesthesiology & Critical care Technology in the year 2018 and PG AHS in 2021.
  • Every new batch of students are oriented to the multiple services provided in the capacity as an anaesthesiologist in the very first month of joining.
  • Our students undergo in depth training in various procedures developing the essential skills; in the skill lab before getting exposed to patients in the theatres Our passionate teachers dedicate themselves in training every student to perfection in the practice of administering anaesthesia.
  • We also ensure that our students have sound factual knowledge on concepts and ideas in anaesthesiology through excellent academic program. The students are mentored by the teachers, grooming their personality with good attitude, communication skills and ethical behaviour.
  • The students have myriad opportunities to do research under the guidance of faculties with scientific fervour and undying zeal for innovation and creativity, which is reflected in the multiple articles published in reputed journals.
  • The Anaesthesiologist in SRM actively take role in patient care, from the time of their pre-operative assessment, optimising the patient, providing anaesthesia and ensuring a smooth and painless post-operative stay through various modalities including advanced nerve blocks.
  • The Department has a dedicated pain clinic providing pain services for chronic illness including malignancies. We pride ourselves in providing walking epidurals to parturient and ensure that they have a pain free labour experience.

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to strive to be one of the leading academic Anaesthesia department in India, with excellent clinical care services, research and innovative methods of teaching & learning.

Our Mission

  • Excellent Clinical care
  • Research
  • Innovative teaching Learning Methods
  • Continuous up gradation of Skills by attending workshops & CME’s
  • By doing original research on drugs, gadgets and blocks
  • Stimulation Workshop


  • MBBS-250 students per year
  • MD Anaesthesia 15 student per year
  • 2 seat per guide per session


  • Flip class
  • Symposium
  • Simulation based learning
  • Self directed learning
  • Resource based learning
  • Roll play
  • Focussed small group session
  • Skill lab session
  • How I do it session
  • Case discussion
  • Lecture
  • Seminar
  • Mannequin for teaching ACLS & BCLS
  • Ultrasound guided Nerve Blocks
  • Point of Care ultrasound Teaching in ICU
  • Difficult Airway Management skills
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Number of Books pertaining to Anesthesiology 115
Number of Journals Indian 04
Number of Journals Foreign 03
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