Department of Anaesthesia

About Us

  • The speed and confidence of an anaesthesiologist in securing the compromised airway necessitated their services in the emergency room and intensive care units, in addition to their primary role as perioperative physicians.
  • The Anaesthesiology department in SRM MCH & RC was established in the year 2005. From a hospital with 2 OTs in 2004 the Department has undergone mammoth expansion with 16 State of the art modular theatres and 4 minor theatres at present.
  • The first batch of postgraduates was enrolled in the year 2011 with 5 PGs which increased to 9 PGs right now. Every new batch of students undergo orientation to anaesthesiology in the very first month of joining.
  • Our students undergo training in various procedures in the skill lab before getting exposed to patients in the theatres. Our passionate teachers dedicate themselves to training every student to perfection in the practice of administering anesthesia.
  • We also ensure that our students have sound factual knowledge of concepts and ideas in anaesthesiology through an excellent academic program.
  • The students have myriad opportunities to do research under the guidance of faculties with scientific fervor and undying zeal for innovation and creativity, which is reflected in the multiple articles published in reputed journals.
  • We have a dedicated pain clinic providing pain services for chronic illnesses including malignancies.
  • We pride ourselves in providing walking epidurals to parturients for a pain-free labor experience.

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to strive to be one of the leading academic Anaesthesia departments in India, with excellent clinical care services, research, and innovative methods of teaching and learning.

Our Mission

  • Excellent Clinical Care
  • Research
  • Innovative Teaching Learning Methods
  • Continuous upgradation of Skills by attending workshops & CMEs
  • By doing original research on drugs, gadgets, and blocks
  • Simulation workshops MET SRM CARE



  • Flipped classroom - Small group teaching with prior study material
  • Simulation-based learning
  • Self-directed learning
  • Resource-based learning
  • Roleplay for enhanced learning
  • Focussed small group session
  • Skill lab session
  • Case discussion
  • Lecture
  • Seminar
  • Mannequin for teaching ACLS & BCLS
  • Ultrasound-guided Nerve Blocks
  • Point of Care Ultrasound teaching in ICU
  • Difficult Airway Management skills
Particulars Departmental
Number of Books pertaining to Anesthesiology 115
Number of Journals Indian 04
Number of Journals Foreign 03
Latest journals available up to FEB “2024”
  • All the students & faculty in the department have free access to the internet 24/7 from where study materials and all major journals can be downloaded and studied.
  • Students also can avail access to the exclusive online anesthesia website RAA online, where videos and PowerPoint of major topics are uploaded
  • Students can also avail the use of Clinical Key where various books, journals, and information about drugs& guidelines are available ClinicalKey