Department of Clinical Psychology

About Us

  • The Department of Clinical Psychology, started in the year 2011, has been successfully conducting the M. Phil Clinical Psychology Course with the approval of Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) since 2013.
  • The department has further expanded into providing B.Sc. Clinical Psychology starting in the year 2020 and M.Sc. Clinical Psychology in the year 2021, under the UGC regulations.
  • Furthermore the department works towards various interdisciplinary research where studies in relation to neuropsychology, developmental psychology, psychotherapy and behaviour sciences are carried out by the faculties and students.
  • The Department provides mental health services, such as psychological testing to understand the personality, evaluate the levels of intelligence and psychopathology of individuals with mental health problems, and psychological interventions like individual and group psychotherapy, supportive psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy(CBT),
  • Solution Focused Behavior therapy( SFBT), Mindfulness Based Therapy, and Behavior Therapy to manage anxiety, depression, sleep problems, procrastination, relationship problems, academic difficulties, addiction to substances and as well as Smartphone and Internet addictions.
  • Positive psychological techniques also offered to improve self-confidence, personality, problem solving and decision making, self-esteem and mental health. Neuropsychological services including neuropsychological assessment, Cognitive remediation and neuropsychological rehabilitation are also undertaken.

Our Vision

  • To set the benchmark in providing training in Clinical Psychology and creating future role players and leaders in the field of mental health and psychology to work for the betterment of society

Our Mission

  • To provide students with a wide exposure to the field of clinical psychology including speciality areas like psycho-oncology, geriatric psychology and neuropsychology.
  • To impart skills required for psychological assessment, diagnostic formulation, and psychotherapeutic intervention to function efficiently and effectively as a clinical psychologist.
  • To develop critical and analytical skills required for honing research acumen in carrying out meaningful and productive research.
  • To provide comprehensive mental health services to a broad spectrum of individuals in an accessible and affordable manner.


  • A three year course in the UGC scheme that aims in giving the students basic , fundamental knowledge about psychology as a filed and a basic understanding and exposure to clinical psychology.
  • A two course in the UGC scheme that provides orientation to the basic skills required for counselling and insights about working as a clinical psychologist.
  • A two year training program in Clinical Psychology that is approved by the Rehabilitation Council of India; the completion of which make the candidate eligible to practise as a Clinical Psychologist in India.


Infrastructure for Teaching and Clinical work- details

  • UG Class rooms - 3
  • PG Class rooms - 2
  • Experimental Psychology Lab - 1
  • M.Phil. Class room - 2
  • Neuropsychology Lab - 1
  • Behaviour therapy room - 2
  • Play therapy room - 1
  • Consultation room - 7
  • Department Library - 1
  • The department uses rhetorical teaching, blended learning and flip classroom methods.
  • The department also has a vast resource of PPT presentations that are reviewed and utilized on need basis
  • Clinical experience involves observer ship and also hands on training with proper documentation process that the students are also trained to maintain.
  • Having good foundation in basic of Psychology
  • Understanding Experimental Basis of Psychology
  • Provide better understanding and observer-ship experience in understanding, learning and understanding Applied basis of psychology.
  • Learning effective research and research opportunities in the field of psychology
  • Giving the effective opportunity in diverse career options in psychology
  • During super speciality training being able to diagnose mental health problems.
  • Conceptualize specific adult and child mental health problems within a psychological framework, giving due
  • Consideration to psychosocial/ contextual factors, and carryout relevant treatment/management.
  • Apply psychological principles and techniques in rehabilitating persons with mental health problems and disabilities.
  • Work with the psychosocial dimensions of physical diseases, formulate and undertake focused/targeted psychosocial interventions.
  • Work with community to promote health, quality-of-life and psycho-logical well-being.
  • Undertake responsibilities connected with teaching and training in core and allied areas of Clinical Psychology.
  • Undertake administrative and supervisory/decision-making responsibilities in mental health area.
  • The department maintains a library for easy access and use of students.
  • Students also have access to department computer to access online resources of the university and otherwise.
  • The department also maintain a collection of previous records and thesis to provide explorative insight for current and forth coming students.
  • The department has more than 60 assessment materials that enrich the learning process and also enable the better clinical learning and training.