Department of Respiratory Medicine

About Us

  • The Department of Respiratory Medicine was started in the year 2011 which specializes in diagnosing and treating disorders of lung and chest diseases.
  • The department is actively involved in clinical research activities, academics, training and education of Undergraduates and post graduates, imparting the skills and knowledge in the field of respiratory and sleep medicine.

Our Vision

  • To evolve as a centre of excellence for advanced interventional pulmonary procedures and become the forefront of innovation in diagnostic and therapeutic interventions.

Our Mission

  • To provide innovative, cost-efficient, and advanced respiratory care for patients of all age groups.



  • Spacious out-patient consulting rooms.
  • Well ventilated male and female wards with adequate ports for oxygen supply.
  • Respiratory ICU with 6 ventilator beds.
  • Isolation ward with negative suction, TB ward and separate MDR - TB wards with negative suction.
  • Air-conditioned departmental library
  • 2 Demonstration rooms, and 1 Seminar hall with projector facility.
  • 1 PFT room and 1 bronchoscopy room.
  • Flipped class room - Small group teaching with prior study material
  • Competency - based medical education (CBME) – For MBBS students
  • Simulation based teachingMannequins and computer assisted learning
  • Integrated Teaching Vertical and horizontal teaching for MBBS Students
  • Group discussions Regularly
  • Bed side clinical teaching and case discussions
  • Journal clubs and Seminars for PGsTwice in a week
  • Mentoring Group of students assigned for all the faculties
  • Feedback and counseling After every internal assessment test
  • In-depth understanding of the common conditions and concepts relevant to community based respiratory medicine including Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Asthma and Sleep apnoea.
  • To get a comprehensive understanding and practical knowledge of acute respiratory problems, and complex lung conditions managed in tertiary care settings like drug resistant TB, ILD and lung cancer.
  • Understanding the use and maintenance of nebulisers, spacers, peak flow meter, Metered Dose Inhalers, CPAP, BIPAP, Humidifier and other appliances.
  • Thorough knowledge about critical care/intensive care management, intubation, indications and management of invasive and non-invasive mechanical ventilation and ventilator associated complications.
  • To provide with the knowledge and practical skills to plan and deliver efficient and successful clinical services through case-based learning and supervised clinical protocol design
  • To enable students to interpret lung function tests, DLCO, arterial blood gases, Acid Fast Bacilli (AFB) staining and chest x-rays in various pulmonary diseases.
  • To acquire skills to utilise an array of diagnostic modalities bronchoscopy, thoracoscopy and lung ultrasound.
  • To perform interventional procedures, for example, bronchoscopy guided biopsy and chest drains.
  • Central library Books - 265
  • Books in department library -125
  • National Journals – 3, International journals – 3, e-journals- 16
  • Access to Clinical Key, Science Direct.
  • Five Computers with internet access.
  • LMS, Digital learning resources, Museum