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AMSA Future Physicians for Change 2024 Conference Recap

The AMSA Future Physicians for Change 2024 conference held from May 30th to June 1st in Arlington, Virginia brought together medical students and future physicians from around the globe. Organized by the American Medical Student Association (AMSA), the conference aimed to equip attendees with advocacy skills to shape future healthcare systems.

Participants included:
➔ S R Krisha Arya
➔ Jonathan Ashish Charles
➔ Ranti Kings
➔ Shruthi Rajaram

Throughout the event attendees engaged in a variety of activities. These were designed to enhance medical knowledge and networking opportunities. The agenda featured insightful sessions. Poster presentations allowed students to showcase research. They also developed public speaking abilities.

The guest speakers delivered thought-provoking presentations. These presentations addressed contemporary health issues and underscored the importance of collaborative efforts in medical science. Workshops focused on practical skills development and networking.

A highlight of the conference was Advocacy Day. Participants were trained to advocate on healthcare issues to Senate and Congress representatives. The day included breakout sessions and etiquette training. It also had meetings with legislators. Critical topics such as the shortage of residency spots in the USA were discussed.

The conference also included a residency and specialty fair. This provided students with opportunities to interact directly with program directors. Students could explore future career paths as the conference was attended by notable figures such as Dr. Abdul El-Sayed and Ms. Loretta J. Ross. Ms. Tiffany R. Wright also graced the event with insights and expertise.

Closing the conference, the poster session allowed attendees to present research findings. This emphasized the importance of shared decision-making in surgery. Its impact on patient outcomes was highlighted.

Post-conference activities included visits to renowned Washington D.C. landmarks such as the National Air and Space Museum, Lincoln Memorial, and White House. These activities enriched the participants’ cultural experience.

Throughout the three-day event, diverse sessions illuminated various facets of healthcare, including technological advancements. Policy reforms were also addressed. Furthermore, roundtable discussions enabled attendees to share their perspectives exchanging innovative solutions.

Attendees had the opportunity to engage with leading experts in the field. These interactions facilitated meaningful dialogue. Such exchanges were pivotal for fostering a sense of community.

The AMSA Future Physicians for Change 2024 conference concluded with participants returning to their respective institutions. They were inspired and equipped to drive positive change in healthcare worldwide.