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Colosseum 2024 echoed over SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre

SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre organized an Intra-college sports event, Colosseum 2024 from 13th to 14th June 2024. This event saw enthusiastic participation from the four houses—Stark, Lannister, Targaryen, and Arryn—making the two days a blend of fierce competition and athleticism.

The Colosseum commenced on June 13th with an inauguration ceremony. The torch lighting, a symbolic start to the games, was conducted by Dr. Nitin M. Nagarkar, Dean (Medical), SRMMCH&RC.

Dignitaries graced over the occasion were,
➔ Dr. Nitin M. Nagarkar, Dean (Medical), SRMMCH&RC
➔ Dr. R. Mohana Krishnan, Directorate of Sports, SRMIST
➔ Dr. V. Sathyanarayanan, Associate Dean (Student Affairs), SRMMCH&RC
➔ Dr. Logaraj, Associate Dean (Quality Assurance), SRMMCH&RC
➔ Dr. J.S. Kumar, Associate Dean (PG studies), SRMMCH&RC
➔ Dr. S. Sundarapandian (Chief Hostel Warden of Boys Hostel), SRMMCH&RC
➔ Dr. R. Balakrishnan, Vice Principal, AHS, SRMMCH&RC

This moment set the stage for two days of spirited sports competitions.Over June 13th and 14th, students competed in a range of indoor and outdoor sports, displaying remarkable skill and sportsmanship.

The events includes,
➔ Futsal
➔ Cricket
➔ Volleyball
➔ Basketball
➔ Kho-Kho
➔ Carrom
➔ Chess
➔ Badminton
➔ Tug of War
➔ Track and Field Events

A notable addition to this year’s Colosseum was the inclusion of events for postgraduate students and staff members. Teachers participated in chess, carrom, and tug of war, adding a new dimension of camaraderie and competition to the event. The inclusion of these events was met with great enthusiasm and contributed to the overall success of Colosseum 2024.

The success of Colosseum 2024 is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the organizing committee, participants, and supporters. This event celebrated the athletic talents of SRM Medical College students and strengthened the bonds within the college community.

SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre looks forward to the continued tradition of excellence and enthusiasm in future editions of the Colosseum. Congratulations to all participants and winners!