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Mastering Molecular Magic: PCR Workshop at SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre

The Department of Microbiology at SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre (SRMMCH&RC) organized a highly anticipated hands-on PCR workshop titled “Mastering Molecular Magic” on July 3rd, 2024. This event marked a significant milestone in the institution’s commitment to fostering practical scientific skills. It also advanced molecular biology education.
The workshop was inaugurated with a welcome address by Lt Col Dr. A Ravi Kumar, Pro Vice Chancellor of SRMMCH&RC. Dr. Kumar highlighted the importance of hands-on training in modern scientific research emphasizing the institution’s dedication to providing cutting-edge educational opportunities. Dr. Nitin M Nagarkar, Dean (Medical) of SRMMCH&RC followed with an insightful speech. He discussed the evolving landscape of medical research and stressed the crucial role of molecular techniques such as PCR in both diagnostic and research applications.

Dr. A Sundaram Faculty Advisor (MHS), expressed his enthusiasm for the workshop. He noted the potential to ignite a passion for molecular biology among participants. Dr. K. V. Leela Associate Dean (UG Studies), Professor, and Head of the Department of Microbiology provided an overview of the workshop’s objectives. She detailed meticulous planning that went into curating the curriculum. Dr. Balakrishnan N, Vice Principal (AHS), and Dr. V Naveen Kumar Founder and Managing Director of ImmuGenix Biosciences Pvt Ltd, also addressed attendees. They shared their experiences and insights into practical applications of PCR in various fields.

The workshop saw a diverse group of around 30 participants. These came from across India including three highly motivated undergraduate students. The day-long event was structured to offer a blend of theoretical knowledge. Additionally, practical skills in hands-on sessions. Participants engaged in sessions learning the intricacies of PCR from sample preparation to amplification. Analysis was also covered. These sessions were designed to ensure participants gained a thorough understanding of the technique and its real-world applications.

In addition to practical training workshop featured several interactive discussions led by experts in the field. These discussions covered a range of topics. Including the latest advancements in PCR technology. They also examined troubleshooting common issues and broader implications of molecular research in healthcare and diagnostics.

Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive. Many appreciated the detailed guidance provided by instructors. The hands-on experience allowed them to work with state-of-the-art equipment. The workshop enhanced their technical skills. It also inspired a deeper interest in molecular biology and its potential to drive innovation in medical research and diagnostics.

The successful execution of the “Mastering the Molecular Magic” workshop underscored SRMMCH&RC’s commitment to excellence in education and research. The Department of Microbiology plans to continue offering such hands-on training programs. This will equip students and researchers with the skills needed to excel in the rapidly evolving field of molecular biology.