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National Seminar on “Respiratory Adaptation to Extremes of Barometric Pressure” at SRM Medical College Hospital & Research Centre

The Department of Physiology at SRM Medical College Hospital & Research Centre organized a comprehensive National Seminar on “Respiratory Adaptation to Extremes of Barometric Pressure” on 28th June 2024. This event, held at the Hippocrates Auditorium, focused on exploring how the human respiratory system adapts to both high and low atmospheric pressure environments and the management of associated respiratory conditions.

Organizing Committee:
➔ Organizing Chairman: Dr. A. Saravanan, Professor & HOD, Department of Physiology
➔ Vice-chairman: Dr. K. Thamarai Selvi
➔ Organizing Secretary: Dr. Kalyani Praba
➔ Joint Organizing Secretaries: Dr. K. Prabhavathi, Dr. S. Kanimozhi

Inaugural Ceremony:
The seminar began with an invocation prayer song and a warm welcome address by Dr. A. Saravanan, Professor & HOD of Physiology, SRMMCH&RC. The ceremony was graced by esteemed dignitaries including Lt Col (Dr) A. Ravikumar – Pro Vice-Chancellor (Medical), SRMMCH&RC, Dr. Nitin M Nagarkar, Dean (Medical),
Dr. A. Sundaram, Adviser, Medical and Health Sciences, Dr. K. V. Leela, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies (MHS), and Chief Guest Dr. K. Dilara, APT President. Lt Col (Dr.) Pro-VC (Medical), SRMMCH&RC, delivered the inaugural address, followed by felicitations from Dr. K. Dilara and Dr. Leela, Professor & HOD of Microbiology, Associate Dean, UG Academics.

Guest Lectures:
The seminar featured enriching guest lectures that delved into various aspects of respiratory adaptation and management:
➔ Dr. R. L. Bhavya spoke on “Adapt and Thrive: The Power of Acclimatization”
➔ Dr. M. Anbarasi presented “Respiratory Adjustments in Low Atmospheric Pressure – An Overview” with case studies and insights into space physiology.
➔ Dr. Mohammed Kaleemuddin Papa discussed “Pulmonary Barotrauma in Deep Sea Diving” and its implications.
➔ Dr. K. Anand addressed “Respiratory Support – When and Where?” highlighting scenarios such as high altitude and decompression sickness.
➔ Dr. K. Thamarai Selvi explored “Breathing Better: Exploring Respiratory Efficiency Test” focusing on VO2 Max and respiratory function tests.

Workshops and Interactive Sessions:
Pre-seminar workshops included hands-on training in Pulmonary Function Tests for SRM postgraduates and simulation-based training on “Breath of Life” for first-year MBBS students. The sessions aimed to enhance practical skills and understanding aligned with the seminar’s themes.

Participant Engagement and Awards:
The seminar saw active participation with a total of 320 offline and 60 online attendees, comprising faculty members, postgraduates, MBBS students, and Allied Health & Science students. Winners of various competitions and tests, including Teaching Triumphs and MCQ Talent Test, were awarded prizes by Dean Dr. T. Prasath and faculty members.

E-certificates were distributed to all participants based on their feedback, ensuring continued learning and engagement beyond the seminar.