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Outstanding Achievement at Chem Sports by SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre Students

Students of SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre showcased exceptional prowess at Chem Sports. An intercollege sports event, organized by Chengalpattu Medical College from 21st to 23rd June 2024. Representing their institution with their performances. The students brought home medals and trophies. Affirming their dedication and skill.

Valentheos proudly dedicates its success to following dignitaries for their unwavering support.
➔ Dr. Nitin M. Nagarkar, Dean (Medical), SRMMCH&RC
➔ Dr. K. V Leela, Associate Dean (UG Studies), SRMMCH&RC
➔ Dr. V. Sathyanarayanan, Associate Dean (Student Affairs), SRMMCH&RC
➔ Dr M. Logaraj, Associate Dean (Quality Assurance), SRMMCH&RC
➔ Dr. R Mohana Krishnan, Sports Director, SRMIST

The students excelled in various competitions, securing prominent positions.

Success was notable wins in academic decathlons science fairs and debate tournaments. Their achievements highlighted both their intellectual capabilities and dedication. Furthermore, students participated in numerous regional sports events and performing arts showcases. They demonstrated exceptional talent.

Participation in sports competitions also yielded several medals. These victories reflected the students’ physical prowess. It also showcased their teamwork. The performing arts groups weren’t left behind. They earned awards in theatre productions and music ensembles.

International engagement was another area of accomplishment. Students attended global conferences. These included Model UN sessions where they honed diplomatic and public speaking abilities. Their involvement underscored a commitment to fostering global perspectives.

In essence the diverse array of activities the students excelled in encompassed academic, artistic, and athletic fields. Their performances reflected a holistic approach to education. They also demonstrated an unwavering pursuit of excellence.

➔ Shotput: 1st Place
➔ Cricket: 1st Runner-up
➔ 200m Run: 2nd Place
➔ 400m Run: 2nd Place
➔ Relay Race: 2nd Place

Special recognition goes to:
➢ Mr. K V K Hariharan Student Council President (2024), for exceptional leadership.
➢ Mr. Nishanth Cricket Team Captain. He guided the team to success.
➢ Mr Harikisan. Demonstrating outstanding athletic talent

SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre celebrates these achievements with pride. It looks forward to more success in the future. Congratulations to all participants. They have upheld the spirit of sportsmanship and excellence.