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MHA 2022 Batch Farewell: From Seniors to Alumni

On June 21, 2024, the MHA 2022 batch at SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre celebrated their farewell with boundless energy reflecting colorful memories. The outgoing batch was welcomed into a beautifully decorated hall adorned with photos capturing student memories. It was enlivened by the beats of percussion instruments. The seniors entered with a sense of accomplishment. They realized that their MHA student journey was drawing to a close under a pink sky. It was creatively set by students.

The event began with the lighting of ‘Kuthu Vizhaku’ by dignitaries followed by a collective cake-cutting ceremony.

Prof. Dr. V. V. Anantharaman, Head of Department reminisced “Time flies so fast; it seems like the 2022 batch just started the other day. Now we are here at their farewell event.” He assured students of a bright future, highlighting vast opportunities in hospital administration. He urged students to exude confidence in their future endeavors serving as strong ambassadors for the institute.

In the interactive session, Dr. Anantharaman sought feedback from students about the course. He acknowledged their suggestions and promised to arrange exposure visits to other hospitals. He will facilitate unpaid internships at SRM Hospital. He will extend the duration of clinical postings with a focus on operations and administration. Certificates will be provided upon completion of regular postings. Additionally, in collaboration with the placement cell, interview coaching will be offered. This is to enhance students’ career prospects. He also encouraged alumni to create networking opportunities for juniors.

Addressing students, Prof. Dr. M. Logaraj said “This is not the end, but only the beginning. From here the real learning starts.” He urged students to accept any job offer and immerse themselves in gaining experience. This will open many doors for career growth. He shared a story of a Social Worker who, starting with a modest salary of INR 4000 per month, eventually landed a position at the Clinton Foundation with a salary of INR 70000 per month. This was due to valuable experience gained. Dr. Logaraj suggested that alumni help make their juniors future-ready by sharing work experiences quarterly. Leveraging social media can showcase their activities with appropriate permissions.

Celebrating Achievements and Cultural Programs
The event spotlighted six achievers placed in reputed organizations. Two are pursuing full-time doctoral studies at the Department of Community Medicine. These achievers shared insights into their roles. They inspired their peers.

The farewell concluded with cultural programs and group photos capturing classroom scenarios with faculty members.

The celebration was a memorable send-off for the MHA 2022 batch. It marked the beginning of their transition. From students to alumni. The institute looks forward to continuing its tradition of excellence. And support. Ensuring a bright future for all its graduates.