Department of General Surgery

About Us

  • The Department of General Surgery was established in the year 2005. The General Surgery department specializes in diagnosing and treating a wide array of surgical diseases and disorders with compassionate patient care.
  • The Department of General Surgery performs routinely Basic and Advanced Laparoscopic procedures, Bariatric Procedures, Endoscopic Thyroid and Endocrine surgeries, Upper GI and Colorectal surgeries.
  • Minimal invasive proctology Procedures (VAAFT – Video Assisted Anal Fistula Treatment), Laser procedures, Fundoplication, Splenectomy in addition to providing a round the clock Tertiary Trauma Care.
  • The Department takes pride in having a fully equipped Operation theatre with the latest endoscopic and HD laparoscopic equipment with capabilities of performing specialized diagnostic and advanced minimally invasive therapeutic procedures providing world-class surgical care to our patients.
  • Regularly updated surgical knowledge and skills, practising new technologies in the surgical world intellectually stimulating environment.Regular clinical research and audit for total transparency.

Our Vision

  • To be the department that sets a benchmark for educating medical students, clinical researchers, and faculties to be the leaders in creating a healthier better world
  • To promote an evidence-based holistic approach to surgical healthcare
  • To meet the health needs of the people in an ethical and financially responsible manner

Our Mission

  • To render excellent education to students of the medical field, para-medical field with a blend of traditional and advanced technology
  • To improve the lives of communities we serve through excellence in learning and healing with compassionate care
  • To deliver accessible health services to all in need of care with compassion regardless of status or ability to pay
  • To enrich learning, embrace change, create innovation and health tackle the most complicated vexing challenges in healthcare



  • Demonstration Rooms

    Demonstration rooms of 1052 square feet each with a seating capacity of 30 each, equipped with trailblazing Audio-Visual aids.

  • Seminar Hall
  • Museum
  • General Surgery Outpatient Department
  • Out Patient Department
  • Departmental Library
  • Endo Trainer Room
  • Operation Theatre
  • Endoscopy
  • Department Infrastructure for Teaching
  • Flipped classroom - Small group teaching with prior study material
  • Simulation-based teaching: Mannequins and computer-assisted learning
  • Integrated Teaching - Vertical and Horizontal Teaching for MBBS Students
  • Group discussions - Regularly
  • Journal clubs and Seminars for PGs - Twice in a week
  • Video demonstrations - Journal Club – Discussion
  • Mentoring - Group of students assigned for all the faculties
  • Feedback and counseling - After every internal assessment test